The French Riviera’s Ultimate Area Guide


Views over the French RivieraWelcome to France and more precisely to the magnificent Coast de la Côte d’Azur in the French Riviera. A place full of sun, delicious French delicacies, beautiful landscapes enhanced by the Mediterranean Sea. Known for some of its exclusive and glamorous neighbourhoods like Cannes and Nice, the French Riviera has plenty of variety and unique places to explore and experience. Here you can find everything you need, whether it’s for a permanent move or simply as a vacation destination. If this is your first step in this process, how do you choose where to invest? Below is a short guide to ​​the French Riviera.

Why Is the French Riviera the place to go?

Many associate the French Riviera with glamour and luxury, mostly due to the Cannes Film Festival and its exclusive location with St Tropez and Monaco in the vicinity. But as well as the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, the Cote D’Azur has more than the luxurious front it presents. Ideally located, the cities and town in this area have easy access to both the Sea and the Mountains. On top of this you would be only a short drive or train ride away from the Italian border giving you a range of things to do all year round. The Weather shines with warm temperatures during the year and only afew chilly but soothing months in the winter. The area is popular among many expats for these reasons, as well as the scrumptious food, the variety of international schools, lots of amenities and the solid community you will find here.

The Coastal Paradise of the French Riviera

The French Riviera's Ultimate Area Guide

Dreamy places such as Cannes, Antibes, Juan Les Pins and Nice all give you that spectacular holiday feeling. Nice is known as the hub of the French Riviera, having an international airport and being the third most visited city in France, it does not disappoint. Located near Monaco and between the mountains and the sea you could not be better situated for a holiday home or all year round living.

The city of Nice like many others in the French Riviera is full of culture, art and history offering a lot to see and do throughout the year. It is known for its beautiful Promenade de Anglais that longs the Mediterranean Sea.

A little further down the coast, you will find some lovely location such as Antibes drawing in luxury yachts all year round. This little town is unique, with the old town in the centre and expanding out you will find a mixture of authentic and newer homes. The Cap offers an ideal location to take a stroll or to anchor and look at the stunning views of the coast.

The French Riviera's Ultimate Area Guide

Juan les pins boasts a beautiful beach front to take a stroll with you family or to sit in the booming sunshine. With its unique restaurants, cocktail bars and its one-of-a-kind night market which brings it alive during the summer months you have something to with the whole family. Neighbouring this you have Cannes and its fabulous croisette, the glamorous shops and bars and of course it hosts the famous film festival every year.


Head For the Hills

When thinking about the Cote D’Azur a lot of people assume it is just a seaside resort, with glamorous places but if you head inland into the “Arriere Pays” a little you will find some of the most unique villages on the coast, all with their own character and charm. Starting with some of the popular hilltop locations that include St Paul de Vence, Chateauneuf, Mougins, Mouans Sartoux and Grasse all drawing buyers with their rustic style homes and unique blue shutters.

Grasse is well known as the birthplace and home to the perfume world, with a museum, old factories and shops dedicated to it, as well as being a being privileged as a UNESCO heritage site. Hidden between the mountains and the sea, this town sits in the heights of the mountains and offers some spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea and the bay of Cannes. The older part of Grasse is a typical Provencal village with beautiful small streets and areas to explore.

The Village of Mougins is nestled behind Cannes is surrounded by forest and brings back a piece of history with its medieval heart. The village has been often frequented over the years by famous artists including Pablo Picasso where he spent 12 years of his life. It is no surprise to see the Mougins still has a very strong Art community throughout. It has also been known for its culinary history and hosts every year the international gastronomy festival of Mougins.

Another unique village with in the French Riviera is Valbonne, translated as the good valley, the village is full of its own authentic beauty. Valbonne village has lots to offer from the Friday weekly market where you will find local produce all year round, to various bars and restaurants. Valbonne has manage to keep an authentic feel to it with the medieval town centre and square. If you find yourself in this lovely little village pop into to our office and say hi.