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Sell Your Home With Us

The Mediterranean coast is attracting more and more buyers. So you will probably not have difficulty finding yours. But will you sell at the right price to serious buyers? Take advantage of one of the largest international network on the Mediterranean coast to sell your property at the fairest price to qualified buyers. Contact our team of specialist agents: it’s FREE, FAST, and RELIABLE.




Why Choose Selection Med?

  • You save time…

    By using only one agency specialising in the Mediterranean coast and benefiting from a large international network of agents and agencies. Using a single reliable agency allows you to refine the selection of your buyers, limit the number of visits, and work in a relationship of trust and transparency. Take the time to choose well to ultimately save time!

  • You talk to coastal real estate experts,

    From the hinterland of Cannes on the Côte d’Azur to the Sunny Costa del Sol, our estate agents specialising in exceptional coastal properties know their territory inside out because they grew up there, have lived there for years or have fallen in love with it, just like you. Selling your property to serious buyers is more than a job for them, it’s a passion. And it’s only through passion that you can convey your sense of wonder. Let them guide you, they will amaze you!

  • You benefit from our turnkey solutions,

    To put your property on the market in the foreground, Selection Med offers you two sales formulas, specially designed to meet the needs of good buyers. Digital distribution internationally thanks to a large client portfolio, private sales to qualified buyers, photographs that give all the necessary light to your property for the projection of future owners… Leave us the keys, we take over!

Choose your sales formula:

The “Traditional” formula:

  • Highlighting your property through our international marketing actions
  • Distribution of the detailed property sheet to our entire client database
  • Listing your property on our newsletter and our social networks
Sell Your Home With Us

The “Elite” formula (reserved for members with exclusive mandates):

  • 3D virtual tour of your property to project oneself as if there
  • Photography shoot with drone views for exceptional quality
  • Interior designer at your service to consider home staging before selling
  • Handling of the Energy Performance Diagnosis
  • Boosting your ad on our international digital portals for maximum visibility
  • Advertising in a selection of targeted print magazines
  • Marketing strategy implemented at your home to sell your property at the right price and as quickly as possible

Our agents specialise in specific areas
and can bring their expertise inevaluation and more.
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